The Liberty Safe Flexible Interior

Published: 16th July 2009
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The Liberty Safe company has been around for just over 20 years, and in that short time has seen phenomenal growth by offering an outstanding product. They have become an industry leader thorough innovation. Among some of these are HiSecurity Composite doors and unique bolt locking systems. But they didn't settle for just making safes more secure and fire resistant, they also wanted to make a Liberty safe more versatile and user friendly. They accomplished this in 1998 with the patented 4-in-1 Flex Interior.

In simple terms, this interior is aptly described by its name. It is one flexible safe interior with four different options. By using a flexible interior, most safes ship with the same basic set up, and then you, as the user, can determine what configuration works best for your needs.

The basic layout of the safe is a vertical divider in the middle of the safe that starts at the bottom and extends about 2/3 up. On each side of the divider are 3 shelves (the last shelf being on top, the lower two adjustable) and though the top one can look like one full size shelf, it is two separate pieces. Above this is a full size shelf with cut outs along the front or side. On the larger model safes that are taller (models 40 and above) there is an additional top shelf. The four possible configurations are called: Executive, Sportsman, EZ-Access and Collector. Lets take a look at each of these Liberty safe options and who would use each one.

The Executive. As its name implies, an executive may want to use this safe. Someone with a lot of important documents, collectibles, valuables and other smaller items. This set up is basically as described above, all shelves. Perfect for the home that does not use rifles.

The Sportsman. Again, as implied, this set up is good for a sportsman since it provides rows of slots to hold long guns. How is this possible? You simply remove the lower two adjustable shelves on the left side, and the shelf cover of the third shelf up, which exposes the long gun slots. Since the shelf above it has a cut out, this allow for any extra long guns to fit into the safe.

EZ-Access. To achieve this set up, you do the same as for the Sportsman, but on the right hand side of the safe. However, when you remove the shelf cover on this side, instead of rows of slots, you expose easily accessible slots that are in a U-shape for your long guns. Again, this model is aptly named, also for the long gun enthusiast, but for someone who wants to be able to access his rifles quickly and easily.

The Collector. You guessed it, this set up is for the long gun collector. You simply combine the Sportsman and EZ-Access by removing the shelves and exposing the gun slots on both sides of the safe for maximum long gun capacity.

Like most safe manufacturers, Liberty safe has different series available. The 4-in-1 Flex Interior can be found on the Franklin Series. The Centurion and Colonial Series safes ship with the 3-in-1 Flex Interior. These interior options are the same as mentioned above, but can only be configured for the Sportsman, EZ-Access and Collector options.

So, if the interior layout of a safe is important to you, then a Liberty safe could be a great option. It allows you the flexibility to change as you grow older. You can have more or less long guns and keep them safe because the safe interior will adapt to your changing needs.

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