Applying Epoxy Coating to Garage Floors

Published: 05th June 2009
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I have been looking at a lot of different garage floors lately, and am really impressed with the Roll on Rock epoxy floor coatings. This floor system can give your dull concrete garage floor a new life, a floor with a great granite look finish. It comes in four different systems, most take about two days to fully apply, except System 4, which should only be professionally installed. But if you want a system to apply yourself, then you should go with System 2.

System 2 is 95% solid epoxy base, so it works better than a water based base coat, it is easy to apply and does not need a primer, the odor is very mild and it is not flammable. Some important requirements that Versatile Building Products had in mind when they developed this system include:

  • The epoxy does not bubble

  • The epoxy adheres permanently to the concrete.

  • It has a long chipping window for applying the flakes, so it gives you enough time to apply the epoxy and the flakes correctly before panic sets in.

  • It uses about half the flakes for a great granite finish than most other systems, which saves money.

  • Offers maximum protection regardless of the climate.

  • Is hot tire resistant and not affected by most household chemicals.

  • Has a high gloss top coat.

  • Can be used inside or out, and will not yellow.

  • Fast & easy to install!

So, when it comes to an epoxy system, what does fast and easy mean? Normally full application takes two days since you have to allow for drying time between the base and top coats, though sometimes it can be done in one day if the weather is good and you use an accelerant on the base coat to speed up drying time. Lets take a look at the basics of applying Roll on Rock to garage floors.

First, you have to clean the concrete using a degreaser to remove any surface contaminants, and then allow the surface to dry for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Next, mix the two epoxy components for 2 minutes with a paint paddle. Evenly roll the primer onto garage floors with a lint free roller. Allow the epoxy to set for at least 20 minutes, but not longer than 60 minutes before broadcasting the chips.

Using spiked shoes, walk onto the epoxy and taking small handfuls of flakes, cast it onto the surface so that it looks even, kind of like casting grass seeds.

Let your garage floor dry overnight, then gather up any loose flakes using a squeegee, broom or blower. Then go over the entire surface with a flexible blade (squeegee) to make sure that the surface is smooth.

The final coat is a fast drying Polyurea and is what makes garage floors resistant to hot tires. To apply the top coat, again mix the two components together for 2 minutes. Pour onto the floor and spread evenly using a roller, first roll one way till happy with the application, and then, within 10 minutes, finish by back rolling 90˚ across the first application. This makes sure the top coat has been applied at a uniform thickness. It is best to split the garage into four areas and work one area at a time. You have about 45 minutes to apply the top coat, so you shouldn't mix more than can be applied in that time period. Garage floors will dry to the touch in 2-5 hours, you can walk on it the next day, but should wait about 3 days before pulling your car into the garage.

Roll on Rock is known for providing the toughest and shiniest floor available. Plus, you can get the granite flakes in a variety of colors, from tans to blacks to greens, blues and reds and many other combinations. There is no doubt about it, epoxy coated garage floors really stand out in any neighborhood.

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